Campus road closures set to support 10th Annual Brooksie Wa

This year’s 10th Annual McLaren Brooksie Way half marathon, 10K and 5K events will bring large volumes of vehicle and pedestrian traffic to the Oakland University campus on Sunday, September 24. As such, University community members who plan to be on campus that day are advised to plan in advance for road closures and potential travel delays.

To accommodate Brooksie Way events, the following road closures will be in effect on Sunday, September 24:

  • 5:30 a.m. to noon – Meadow Brook Road will be closed at the Meadow Brook Amphitheatre main gate for the entire pre-race and race event. This is the start and finish point for all races.
  • 8 a.m. to noon – Ravine Drive, Meadow Brook Road, Library Drive and Pioneer Drive will be closed.

Residence hall students planning to leave campus between 8 and 10 a.m. on Sunday morning should park their cars in the P1 and P3 lots overnight on Saturday. The Oakland University Police Department will relax enforcement of overnight parking restrictions in P1 and P3 on Saturday night only.

Residence hall students should be aware that there will be no exits available onto Walton Blvd. from West Oakland Drive. Ann V. Nicholson Student Apartments residents will be able to exit the parking lot for that complex at East Oakland Drive and then turn left toward Walton.

On Sunday, primary access to campus for non-race participants will be from Squirrel Road. Campus community members and visitors should use the P1 lot and walk to various destinations. All commuters are advised that vehicle traffic on and around campus will be heavy during the event, particularly from 7-8 a.m.

All regular traffic patterns will return to normal beginning at noon on Sunday.

To learn more about the McLaren Brooksie Way, including course maps, schedules, and registration, visit

Road Closures


OU ADVISORY: Police investigating peeping Tom incidents

During the morning hours over the past two days, the Oakland University Police Department has received three complaints of peeping Tom incidents in the shower areas of student residential facilities. In each case, reporting parties described the responsible person as a black male; 18-21 years of age; approximately 5 feet, 9 inches tall; and wearing gray sweat pants and a dark colored shirt.

The OUPD is treating this as an active, ongoing investigation. All members of the University community are advised to be aware of their surroundings and to report any suspicious activity to the OUPD immediately at (248) 370-3331.


Fall 2017 student move-in information

Move-in for the on-campus residential community will take place on Saturday, September 2; Sunday, September 3; and Monday, September 4. University employees should anticipate a substantial increase in both traffic and parked vehicles during this time, and are asked to cooperate with the following temporary restrictions:

Road Closure Map

  • From September 2-3, there will be no faculty and staff parking in lot P-5, which will be used for unloading of resident student vehicles only.
  • Other parking areas likely to be affected by vehicle overflow include lots P-16, P-3, P-2 and the northern end of lot P-1. Faculty and staff are advised to avoid parking in these areas during the move-in period.
  • Traffic on Meadow Brook Road between West Oakland Drive and Ravine Drive will be restricted to resident students only. In addition, Ravine will be closed to through traffic.

In addition to helping facilitate an efficient student move-in process, the Department of University Housing would like to ask that the on-campus community welcome new student residents when opportunities present themselves, as well as provide information and direction when asked or a need becomes evident.

The cooperation of faculty and staff in these efforts is greatly appreciated.


OU ADVISORY: Information regarding a criminal sexual conduct investigation

You may have learned through news reports or word of mouth that a student intern who interacted with children at the Lowry Center for Early Childhood Education during the fall 2016 semester has been arraigned on charges of criminal sexual conduct with a minor, indecent exposure and possession of child pornography.

The criminal charges against this individual, Michael Johnathan Pankey, stem from incidents alleged to have taken place not on the Oakland University campus. To date, we are not aware of any complaints regarding Mr. Pankey’s conduct while on our campus.

Mr. Pankey was enrolled in Macomb Community College’s Early Childhood Studies program. In conjunction with that program, he participated in field exercises at Lowry and other daycare settings in the region.

The Oakland University Police Department is cooperating fully with an ongoing Detroit Police Department investigation tied to the charges against Mr. Pankey. If you have any information or concerns that may be relevant to this investigation, we strongly encourage you to contact the OUPD at (248) 370-3331.


Campus safety planning advisory and call for volunteers

The Oakland University Police Department and University Video Services will be working next week to create an educational video addressing the topic of an active shooter on campus. Campus community volunteers are invited to support the filming effort.

Faculty, staff, students and others are advised that taping will take place on dates and in the campus locations listed below. Work will take place throughout business hours on each day.

  • Monday, August 21 – Human Health Building
  • Wednesday, August 23 – Engineering Center
  • Thursday, August 24 – Pawley Hall

Video creators will strive to create visual representations of circumstances associated with an active shooter as realistically as possible. Campus community members are advised to remember that no threatening or emergency situation is in progress.

In the event of a real crisis or emergency situation, the OUPD and University Communications and Marketing would utilize a multifaceted system of campus communications to quickly inform and advise the community.

To support filming activities, police training signs will be posted around selected locations and police personnel will work to prevent people from inadvertently or unknowingly finding themselves in staged situations. All campus community members are encouraged to share this information with individuals who plan to be on campus and who may not have received this notification.

In preparation for next week’s activities, the OUPD and University Video Services are seeking volunteers to serve as extras in filming locations as their schedules allow. Those interested in helping support the effectiveness of this educational effort should contact University Video Services Director Heather Haughey at


UPDATE: All clear issued in campus gas leak situation

The Oakland University Police Department has issued an all clear advisory regarding the gas leak situation that occurred shortly after noon on Monday.

Consumer’s Energy has shut off a supply line on the west side of Kresge Library, which was mistakenly ruptured during construction activities. Repairs will take place this evening.

Campus community members are advised that there is no longer a threat of danger in the area.


OU ALERT: Gas leak reported on campus

The Oakland University Police Department is advising campus community members of an active gas leak on the West Side of Kresge Library. There is a strong smell of natural gas there and to the south due to a north wind.

Construction workers mistakenly struck a 3-inch gas line just after noon while working near the library. Consumer’s Energy has been contacted and is expected to be on the scene at approximately 2 p.m.

Campus community members are encouraged to avoid the area, as OUPD officers have cordoned off the location and are keeping all but emergency responders clear of any danger.

At present, no campus activities have been canceled as a result of this situation.


OU ADVISORY: Partial campus power outage due to construction mishap

Early Friday afternoon, a power outage affecting East Campus, the Facilities Management Building and the P-32 parking structure was caused by an electrical junction box inadvertently being struck by construction equipment near the Facilities Management parking lot, P-31.

Facilities Management staff were forced to shut off the circuit powering the junction box to assess damage, and subsequently found that immediately needed repairs would take approximately two hours to complete. As such, power is not likely to be restored until the late afternoon.

All University employees affected by the outage are encouraged to work with supervisors to find alternate locations to work. Anyone in affected areas who needs police services is advised to use a cell phone to call the Oakland University Police Department at (248) 370-3331.

Additional repairs being planned for tomorrow, Saturday, July 1, will require another power shutdown. Any sensitive electronic equipment in the affected areas that will be re-powered prior to tomorrow’s service interruption should be shut down this evening as a precautionary measure.

The University appreciates the patience and cooperation of the campus community as it works to manage this unanticipated service interruption.


South campus road restrictions to support hazardous waste drop-off

Lot Restrictions

The Oakland University Police Department will restrict the use of South Oakland Drive and Library Drive to individuals participating in the Oakland County hazardous waste disposal event between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Saturday, June 24. All other commuters will be directed to use the University’s main entrance on Squirrel Road or entrances off of Walton Boulevard or Adams Road.

All drivers leaving campus during the road use restriction are advised to travel north on Pioneer Drive or Meadow Brook Road toward campus exits other than those on the southwest side of campus.


UPDATE: Police see no indication of continuing threat in suicidal subject incident

An active investigation continues into an early Thursday morning report of a possibly suicidal person who may have been armed with a weapon near campus. Police officials, however, have no new information leading them to believe that the subject in question poses an ongoing threat to the University community.

The OUPD would like to remind community members that at all times, it is best to remain vigilant while moving around campus and to report all suspicious activity to University police at (248) 370-3331.

Campus community members are advised to program this number into their cell phones for ease of retrieval during an emergency. For more safety tips, visit

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