Information Technology and Infrastructure Security

OUPD Information Technology and Infrastructure Security (ITIS) provides quality infrastructure and 24/7/365 field support for the mission-critical needs of the police department and 911 communications center. The responsibilities of ITIS include maintaining police systems, campus-wide security systems, and rapidly responding to all field and infrastructure support requests.

ITIS strives to deliver efficient, effective, and accountable information technology services, as well as to maximize the cost-effective use of technology by delivering dependable services and innovative solutions to the police department and Oakland University.

OU Police Service Desk

ITIS maintains a 24/7/365 service desk fully prepared to assist you with any request you may have.  For assistance with anything from alarm code changes to reporting a system outage, please contact the service desk at (248) 370-3407 or by submitting a request online.

ITIS is responsible for the following campus initiatives:

Access Control 2

Access Control

ITIS is responsible for the following police systems:
  • Computer Aided Dispatch
  • Records Management System
  • Mugshot System
  • Prisoner Booking System
  • Electronic Crash Reporting System
  • Electronic Parking Ticket System
  • Digital Livescan Fingerprint System
  • Law Enforcement Information Network (LEIN)
  • Mobile Data Computers (MDC’s)
  • Blue Check Field Fingerprinting Device
  • Electronic Traffic Ticket System
  • Electronic Property and Evidence Systems
  • InterOps Video Network Video Conference System
  • Police Department Web Site
  • Police Radio System
  • Police Telephone System