Overnight Parking

Parking is prohibited in most lots between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m.  Overnight parking on campus is designated by fluorescent green striping (except in the parking structures) and is available in:

  • Ann V. Nicholson Student Apartments parking lots.
  • George T. Matthews Apartments parking lots.
  • P5 and P11 parking lots.
  • Portions of the P1, P3, and P16 parking lots.
  • All covered spaces in the P29 and P32 parking structures.

During special events or athletic events on campus, parking may be temporarily restricted or suspended in one or more parking lots.  These temporary parking restrictions will be communicated with the campus community with plenty of time to comply with the order.  Vehicles left in a restricted area after the deadline will be issued a citation and impounded.

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