Violations & Fines

Ordinance 3.05 Parking Signs, Directives.  No person shall park any motor vehicle on campus outside of designated parking spaces or in any location or manner prohibited by any sign posted by authority of the president or a designee, or contrary to the express direction of any Police Officer.

Citations must be paid or appealed within 10 days to avoid late fees.

ViolationFine **Max ^ **
Disability Parking$ 100.00$ 130.00
Electric Vehicle Only$ 30.00$ 60.00
Expired Meter$ 30.00$ 60.00
Fire Lane$ 30.00$ 60.00
No Parking 2-6 am$ 30.00$ 60.00
Non-designated Area$ 30.00$ 60.00
Permit Altered$ 30.00$ 60.00
Permit Expired$ 30.00$ 60.00
Permit Stolen$ 30.00$ 60.00
Permit Not Displayed$ 30.00$ 60.00
Prohibited Parking$ 30.00$ 60.00
Snow Emergency$ 30.00$ 60.00
Time Limit Violation$ 30.00$ 60.00
^ Citations not paid or appealed within 10 days are subject to late fees up to the maximum amount listed.
** Fines may be higher if the issuing officer elects to write a State of Michigan Uniform Law Citation.
What happens if I do not answer a parking citation?
  • $10 late fees are applied to unanswered citations after 10, 20, and 30 days.  A citation may accrue a maximum of $30 in late fees. Late fees do not accrue while a citation is under appeal. If the appeal is denied, late fee escalation resumes once a judgment is given.
  • The registered owner of the vehicle will receive notice of unanswered citations after 30 days.
  • Unanswered citations will be transferred to Citation Collection Services, LLC after 90 days.  A collection fee will be added on top of the face value of the citation and any accrued late fees.

Three (3) or more unanswered citations may hinder your ability to renew your registration plate with the Michigan Secretary of State and may result in the impoundment of your vehicle without further notice.