Impounded Vehicles

Vehicles may be towed under the following circumstances:

  • Loading Zones: Vehicles which are parked in areas which are specifically designated as loading zones
  • Restricted Spaces: Spaces which are posted as restricted for a specific permit type or purpose
  • University Service Vehicle Spaces: Spaces which are specifically assigned for University vehicles or service vehicles only
  • Disabled Placard Spaces: Spaces which are assigned for individuals with either a disabled person plate or placard
  • Outstanding Violations: Any vehicle having multiple outstanding ordinance parking violations
  • Snow Emergencies: Vehicles parked in snow emergency locations during a declared snow emergency
  • Disabled Vehicles: Vehicles broken down and blocking the normal flow of traffic
  • Special Events: Vehicles parked in lots temporarily closed for special events

If you believe your vehicle was impounded, you should:

  • Report to the OU Police service window in the Police and Support Services building
  • Confirm that your vehicle has, in fact, been impounded
  • Pay any outstanding fees with OU Police
  • Request an impound release form
  • Take the release form to:
  • Byers Wrecker Service
    399 South St.
    Rochester, MI 48307
    (248) 651-4180 

  • Present impound release form and settle assessed fees to retrieve the vehicle

Impounded vehicles will only be released to the registered owner of the vehicle.