Abandoned/Disabled Vehicles

Disabled Vehicles

If a vehicle becomes disabled while on a campus roadway or parking lot, the owner should:

  • Raise the hood of the vehicle and use the emergency flashing system.
  • Contact OU Police to provide the exact location and license number of the vehicle to receive help.
Contacting the police ahead of time may help the owner avoid a ticket or having the vehicle towed.

Abandoned Vehicles

If a vehicle parked on campus appears inoperable and has been parked for an extended period of time, it may be deemed abandoned.  Once a vehicle is believed to be abandoned, an officer will tag the vehicle with an orange impound tag.  Once tagged, the vehicle must be removed within 48 hours per Act 300 of 1949 as amended.

Some examples of why a vehicle may appear inoperable include:

  • One or more flat tires or wheels missing
  • Equipment required to operate the vehicle is missing (i.e. engine)
  • Missing registration plate
What to Do if Your Vehicle is Impounded

Visit impounded vehicles for information on how to retrieve your vehicle.