Branding and Department Identity

OUPD - Signature Block - 300 ppi-01The Oakland University Police Department maintains a clear brand strategy representing law enforcement, trust, integrity, and safety. It is a powerful brand which must be carefully managed.

The branding guidelines aim to protect the police image and reputation by clearly defining the department brand, how it can be used, and to ensure the consistent application of the brand across all areas of Oakland University and the surrounding community. Creating a consistent department image in all our communication will reflect a professional and attractive policing identity.

For the purposes of these guidelines, the badge, patch, banner, mission statement, and the words ‘Oakland University Police Department’ are collectively referred to as the department brand.

The Support Services Division is responsible for ensuring all use of the department brand is consistent with these branding guidelines. The service desk provides assistance in the design of artwork, promotional material, or any other communication using the department brand. The service desk must view and approve any design and proposed use of the department’s brand prior to its application.

You may contact the OU Police Service Desk at (248) 370-3407 or by email at to discuss how to best incorporate our department brand into your next project.

Branding Guidelines