Bike Patrol

OU Police Bike Patrol

The Oakland University Police Department utilizes several different methods of patrol throughout the campus and surrounding areas.  One of the more specialized methods is the bike patrol unit, which is currently operated by several highly-motivated sworn police personnel.  All officers selected for this unit are required to be trained and certified by an accredited bike patrol school.  The bike patrol unit has multiple benefits, such as the ability to greatly increase the extent of patrols.  Areas such as sidewalks, wooded trails, and in-between buildings are all much more accessible by a patrol bike than a patrol vehicle.  In many situations, response time by OU Police is also decreased due to the ability to “short-cut” certain avenues that would also be inaccessible by a patrol vehicle.  Furthermore, the bike patrol unit provides the Oakland University community the opportunity to approach and interact with OU Police officers more frequently, while still providing the highest level of service and professionalism.