Traffic Safety

OU Police strives to create a safe commuting environment through efficient traffic engineering, driver education, and research based traffic enforcement.  Our number one traffic safety goal is to educate drivers on safe driving techniques and to reduce the number of crashes on campus.

As part of our traffic safety plan, we ask that you review the following driving habits:

  • When possible, avoid driving in bad weather.
  • Always wear your seat belt.
  • Posted speed limits are for optimal conditions. Adjust your speed accordingly.
  • Refrain from eating, drinking or using a cell phone while driving.
  • On surface streets, use a three second gap while following another vehicle.
  • Use a five second gap for a following distance on highways.
  • Avoid erratic or abrupt lane changes and signal before you change lanes.
  • While traveling, scan the area ahead of you for potential hazards.
  • Where possible, visually scan intersections before you enter them.
  • Check your blind spots before changing lanes or backing up.
  • Do not asume the right of way is clear when someone waves you through.
  • Where possible, visually scan intersections before you enter them.
  • Allow yourself extra time to arrive at your destination. BE PATIENT.
  • Do not engage in traffic altercations.

If you observe an area of campus that could benefit from increased traffic safety enforcement, please contact us.