Surveillance Cameras

In an effort to deter crime and to assist the police department and the university in protecting the safety and property of the university community, OU Police maintains a campus wide video surveillance network with state of the art cameras and recording devices.

New video surveillance systems and/or upgrades of existing systems must be compatible with technology and systems currently in use. Non-compatible systems and systems not authorized by the OUPD will not be monitored.

Video surveillance systems are governed by Administrative Policy 674 

  • I'm interested in adding cameras to my area. What do I need to do?

    To begin the process, submit a request online. Be sure to include the following information:

    • Your name
    • Your department name
    • Office number/location
    • Your phone number
    • Best time to call (if other than business hours)
    • Describe the general area you would like to cover with cameras

    OU Police IT will contact you to set up a time to discuss your surveillance needs.

  • What happens next?

    There are several steps to completing a camera project. They are:


    The first step is establishing the type of security that is needed for an area. Each security solution is unique for each circumstance, no single solution works for everything. A security assessment involves a tour of your facility, suite or room. We will provide you with feedback and general recommendations on what types of security may be necessary for your facility.

    Site Survey

    A Site Survey determines the type of equipment necessary for the security goals desired. A comprehensive evaluation of the physical site as well as discussion of your needs for the operation will occur resulting in general hardware requirements like the need for fixed position cameras, pan, tilt, zoom cameras, low light cameras or infrared cameras. It can take up to three weeks to complete the site survey.

    Cost Evaluation

    After the survey a preliminary cost evaluation will be completed by OU Police IT. Once complete, a quote will be forwarded to you for review. If approved, a fund number is required to proceed with installation.

    Surveillance Review Panel Approval

    All new requests for Surveillance Cameras must be submitted in writing to the panel (through the OUPD) for approval prior to purchase and/or installation. The Panel will review existing or new surveillance camera locations to ensure that the placement of fixed location surveillance cameras conforms to Administrative Policy 674.


    Once a decision is made to proceed, a timeline for installation and expected completion will be provided. These times vary according to the size and scope of the project as well as existing projects already in queue. During the installation phase, an authorized contact must be appointed. Authorized contacts are responsible for allowing access to the area during installation.


    Once the system is installed, it will need to be programmed and added to the campus surveillance system.


    After integration, all authorized users will be trained in the use of the system, if applicable.


    After training, the system will be considered live and recording of video will begin.