Intrusion, Panic & Hold Up Alarms

To enhance protection of university assets and facilities, OU Police maintains a computer based alarm monitoring system located centrally in the police department. Connection to the system will provide direct reporting to the 911 communications center wherein the appropriate response will be initiated.

New alarm systems and/or upgrades of existing systems must be compatible with technology and systems currently in use. Non-compatible systems and systems not authorized by OU Police IT will not be monitored.

Alarm systems are governed by Administrative Policy 675 

  • I'm interested in adding intrusion, panic and/or hold up alarms to my area. What do I need to do?

    To begin the process, submit a request. Be sure to include the following information:

    • Your name
    • Your department name
    • Office number/location
    • Your phone number
    • Best time to call (if other than business hours)
    • Describe the general area you would like to protect
    • OU Police IT will contact you to set up a time to discuss your alarm needs.

  • What happens next?

    There are several steps to completing an alarm project. They are:


    The first step is establishing the type of security that is needed for an area. Each security solution is unique for each circumstance, no single solution works for everything. A security assessment involves a tour of your facility, suite or room. We will provide you with feedback and general recommendations on what types of security may be necessary for your facility.

    Site Survey

    A Site Survey determines the type of equipment necessary for the security goals desired. A comprehensive evaluation of the physical site as well as discussion of your needs for the operation will occur resulting in general hardware requirements like the need for motion detectors, door contacts, glass break sensors, screen cutting sensors and/or hold up alarm buttons. It can take up to three weeks to complete the site survey.

    Cost Evaluation

    After the survey a preliminary cost evaluation will be completed by OU Police IT. Once complete, a quote will be forwarded to you for review. If approved, a fund number is required to proceed with installation.


    Once a decision is made to proceed, a timeline for installation and expected completion will be provided. These times vary according to the size and scope of the project as well as existing projects already in queue. During the installation phase, an authorized contact must be appointed. Authorized contacts are responsible for allowing access to the area during construction.


    Once the system is installed, it will need to be programmed and added to the campus alarm system. Also during integration, a list of authorized alarm users will be established and four digit PINs will be issued for users to arm and disarm the system. Alarm administrator(s) will be appointed and will be the only individuals authorized to make changes to the alarm system. A minimum of two after hours emergency contacts will be appointed should the police need to contact someone outside of normal business hours.


    After integration, all authorized users will be trained in the use of the system.

    Determine Alarm System Administrators (ASA)

    Each intrusion alarm system must have at least one Alarm System Administrator (ASA). ASA’s are the only individuals authorized to make changes to the alarm system(s) for which they are assigned. ASA’s must be faculty or staff members and cannot be students.


    After training, the system will be considered live. It is the responsibility of the ASA’s to notify OU Police IT of changes to authorized users or after-hours emergency contacts.

  • How do I add an authorized user to my alarm system?

    Alarm System Administrators (ASA) can add and delete authorized users from their alarm system by submitting a request. Be sure to include the name and email address of each person you would like to add or delete. OU Police IT will contact each person directly to set up their PIN.

  • How do I change my PIN?

    Submit an request. OU Police IT will notify you once the change is made.

  • I received an email stating that the PIN I chose is not available. Why is my PIN not available?

    To enhance security, OU Police no longer allows multiple people to use the same PIN even if they are associated with different alarm systems on campus. We will make every effort to use your preferred PIN, but may ask you to make a new selection if your PIN is already used on campus. OU Police IT can also help you choose an available PIN.

  • I work in an area with an alarm system, but I don't know how to use it. What should I do?

    Visit our instructional videos and knowledge base for helpful tips.

  • What is an Alarm System Administrator (ASA)?

    Each intrusion alarm system must have at least one Alarm System Administrator (ASA). ASA’s are the only individuals authorized to make changes to the alarm system(s) for which they are assigned. ASA’s must be faculty or staff members and cannot be students.

    ASA’s are an integral part of maintaining the integrity of the OU intrusion alarm system. They are responsible for:

    • Notifying OU Police IT of new users authorized to access an alarmed area.
    • Notifying OU Police IT when user access should be revoked. This includes revoking access when someone retires, leaves the university, transfers to another department, etc.
    • Notifying OU Police IT of any system problems.
    • Appointing a minimum of two after-hours emergency contacts for the alarmed area. ASA’s may serve as after-hours contacts, but are not required to.
    • Assisting with training users of the alarm system.
    • Ensuring the alarm system is used regularly.

    If you have any questions about ASA responsibilities, please contact OU Police IT.

  • I'm an ASA and I need to update my information or the information of my after hours contacts. How do I do that?

    Submit a request.  OU Police IT will notify you once the change is made.

  • There is a problem with my alarm system. What do I do?

    If you are experiencing trouble with your alarm system, please report it to your Alarm System Administrator (ASA). If you are an ASA and would like to report trouble with your alarm system, submit a request with OU Police IT.