Summerlong closure of west section of Pioneer Drive to begin May 1

In conjunction with a project to add 660 parking spaces to existing campus lots, the University will close portions of Pioneer Drive and Meadow Brook Road on the south side of campus starting Monday, May 1, and continuing through the summer months.

Pioneer Drive will be closed from Squirrel Road east to the traffic circle at Library drive. Meadow Brook Road will be closed from Pioneer Drive north to the Police and Support Services Building.

Commuters accustomed to entering campus via Pioneer Drive are advised to use the Library Drive entrance off of Squirrel Road if headed to destinations on the south side of campus, and the University’s main entrance off of Squirrel Road if headed to destinations on the north side of campus.

Commuters should also be aware that heading south on Meadow Brook drive from the main entrance traffic circle will allow access only to the P-41 and P-43 parking lots.

Pioneer Drive, Meadow Brook Road and all expanded parking lots are expected to be reopened by the start of the 2017-18 academic year.

Road Closures


End of year traffic management plan announced

As we approach the end of another academic year, faculty, staff and students should keep in mind that a number of annual events taking place over the next few weeks will create the need for traffic detours and lot closures.

In order to manage traffic and parking efficiently and to cause as little frustration as possible, it is important that all campus community members and visitors be aware of the following event conditions established as part of a traffic and parking management plan.

For those moderately or not familiar with campus, an online map is available at .

Student “Move Out” days – Tuesday, April 25, and Wednesday, April 26

The OUPD will close one lane of Meadow Brook Road.

The partial closure will allow student vehicles to travel eastbound only on Meadow Brook Road and use the closed lane for temporary parking, loading and departure.

2017 Commencement – Thursday, April 27, through Saturday, April 29

Starting at 11 p.m. on Wednesday, April 26, the OUPD will close parking lot P-16 to reserve space for handicapped parking. The lot will remain closed to general parking through Saturday, April 29.

March of Dimes “March for Babies” – Sunday, April 30

The Oakland University Police Department will manage intermittent road closures around campus between 8 a.m. and noon.

Meadow Brook Theatre performances of “I Love a Piano” – Wednesdays through Sundays, April 19 through May 14

Meadow Brook Theatre patrons viewing performances on Saturdays are advised to use parking lots on the north side of campus, particularly the P-1, P-3 and P-5 parking lots. See map above.

Campus Construction Accommodations

Parking lot P-24 will be closed May 1 through August 15 in conjunction with southern campus student housing construction work. The loading dock for Varner Hall will be inaccessible during this time. In addition, some utility shut-downs may affect Varner Hall and other buildings. Details regarding these shut-downs will be communicated to the campus community as soon as plans are finalized.

Grizzly Lane will be closed from Pioneer Drive to the southern campus student housing construction site May 1 through August 15. As such, there will be no access to parking deck P-32 during this period. Access will be available via Library Drive only.

The loading dock area at the rear of Vandenberg Hall will be shut down from May 1 through August 15 in conjunction with facility repairs and upgrades. Building water service will be interrupted periodically during this period. Details will be communicated as soon as plans are finalized.

2016 OUWB School of Medicine Commencement – Friday, May 12

Starting at 11 p.m. on Thursday, May 11, the OUPD will reserve parking lot P-16 for handicapped parking and event activities. The lot will remain closed to general parking throughout the day on Friday. See commencement map above.

Campus community members and visitors are advised to plan their vehicle and pedestrian travel routes in advance, and to allow additional time prior to scheduled events in the event that high traffic volumes lead to delays.

The Oakland University Police Department would appreciate the University community and anticipated guests sharing this information with others as needed. Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation.


Severe weather warning system test set for April 19

Governor Rick Snyder and Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson have declared the week of April 16-22, 2017, as Severe Weather Awareness Week. A strong focus in preparing for this annual observance is educating individuals about severe weather safety and the Oakland County Severe Weather Warning System.

Oakland County Homeland Security Division will engage in various public education efforts during Severe Weather Awareness Week. These include instruction on preparing to minimize the loss of life and destruction of property that can result from severe weather.

In conjunction with broader warning system tests on the same day, Oakland University will test its Outdoor Severe Weather Warning System at 1 p.m. on Wednesday, April 19, 2017. All campus community members are advised to remember that this is just a test.

In the event of an actual severe weather warning, faculty, staff and students are encouraged to react quickly using emergency response information available in the Red Emergency Management Guides placed around classrooms, labs and offices across campus. Additional information is available on the OU Emergency Preparedness website.

Additional information on severe weather safety is also available on the Oakland County Homeland Security website. Thank you in advance for your efforts to become better informed and prepared to react safely in severe weather conditions.



Students advised to be wary of outstanding fees phone scam

The FBI office in Traverse City has informed the Oakland University Police Department that its main telephone number, (231) 946-7201, is being spoofed – or being used to falsely appear as the caller’s number – as part of a telephone scam targeting Oakland University students, and particularly international students.

Callers involved claim that they have access to student records and are telling targeted students that they must pay outstanding tuition fees in order to receive their degrees. The callers also stipulate that victims must wire transfer money or use a credit card to resolve the outstanding balances.

The FBI reports that Michigan State University students also have been targeted, and that in one instance a victim forwarded $10,000.

Any Oakland University student contacted by the phone number listed above should terminate the call before engaging in any conversation.

Students concerned about whether they have past due balances or that they are in jeopardy of being denied University services should contact the Office of Student Financial Services at (248) 370-2550.

Any student who feels he or she has been made a victim of this scam should contact the Oakland University Police Department at (248) 370-3331.


High winds creating need for heightened caution

Campus Community members are advised to exercise extra caution while walking between buildings on campus as a result of high winds and potential dangers they are creating.

University Facilities Management and the Oakland University Police Department have responded to calls concerning falling objects and flying debris, and are working to reduce risks to the full extent possible.

High winds are forecast to continue through the afternoon and early evening hours.


Parking expansion plan approved for fall 2017

2017 Parking MapThe Oakland University Board of Trustees has approved a $7.2 million plan to expand main campus parking capacity by more than 8 percent, as well as to create a new traffic circle at the intersection of Pioneer Drive and Meadow Brook Road.

Cognizant of overall parking demand that at times has exceeded capacity, University engineers worked with consultants to identify seven sites where parking could be added affordably and with minimal environmental concerns.

In total, 660 spaces will be added and available for use prior to the beginning of the 2017-18 academic year. University leaders project that the added capacity will lead to a maximum parking space utilization rate of 95 percent.

Also part of the project, new emergency blue phones and security cameras will be installed in the P-1, P-37, and P-39 lots.

The addition of the roundabout at Pioneer Drive and Meadow Brook is expected to significantly improve traffic flow. To date, this area has seen periodic traffic congestion, particularly during the evening rush hour when many faculty, staff and students are leaving campus.

Work on the approved parking and road projects will begin on May 1. All will be funded through the use of existing University resources.


Caution advised as identify theft grows nationwide

A timely reminder at the start of this year’s tax season is to always exercise extreme caution when it comes to protecting your identity and financial security. The prevalence of phishing, identity theft, filing of fraudulent tax returns and other scams continues to grow at an alarming rate.

Beazley Worldwide – the company that provides Oakland University and many other clients insurance for losses tied to data breaches – reports that it saw a 64 percent increase in data breach claims last year alone. Also, a Javelin Strategy and Research report estimates that 15.4 million consumers were victims of identity theft or fraud last year, and that the sum of their loses was $16 billion.

The scams criminals are using to steal sensitive personal information are steadily becoming more sophisticated, which warrants ever increasing vigilance. Although institutions around the world are working to enhance data security systems, the first and most effective line of defense is individual precaution. Important tips to remember are:

  • Never share personal information – such as account numbers, Social Security numbers, login IDs, passwords, etc. – using email, text messages or websites if there is even a hint of doubt as to their legitimacy. Also, do not click on any links, buttons or pop-up windows in such cases.
  • Resolve any concerns about your data or financial security by contacting the organization purportedly seeking information using an independently verified phone number, email address or website address.
  • Check your credit report periodically by calling (877) 322-8228 or by visiting . Address any suspicious or unexpected activity immediately.
  • If you are paid through direct deposit, carefully review your pay stub each pay period to ensure that the personal information listed there is accurate.
  • Remember that any messages that are unfamiliar, unexpected, don’t make sense or seem too good to be true are likely fraudulent.
  • Google Mail users can flag suspicious email by clicking on the downward pointing triangle at the top right of the email message and selecting the “Report phishing” option.
If You Think You Are A Victim of Identity Theft Or Other Form Of Fraud
  • File a report with your local law enforcement agency.
  • Consider placing an initial fraud alert on your credit files using one of the three major credit bureaus:
If You Think You Are A Victim of Tax Return Fraud
  • Call the IRS at (800) 908-4490, ext. 245. The unit office is open Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Seek direction on whether to file an Identity Theft Affidavit (Form 14039). The form can be downloaded at .

Caution advised when driving near road maintenance vehicles

Snow on campusThe Oakland University Police Department is advising campus community members to exercise extra caution and to adhere to all applicable traffic laws when driving near road maintenance vehicles.

Both University Facilities Maintenance personnel and nearby commuters are placed in hazardous conditions when drivers:

  • Fail to yield right of way – MCL 257.649
  • Fail to maintain safe following distances (tailgating) – MCL 257.643
  • Attempt to pass in no-passing zones (drivers should note that there are no legal passing zones on main campus) – MCL 257.640
  • Travel at speeds too fast for road conditions (basic speed law) – MCL 257.627, and
  • Execute other unsafe or prohibited vehicle maneuvers (careless driving) – MCL 257.626b

According to the Michigan Motor Vehicle Code, motorists must maintain a distance of 500 feet from large vehicles – specifically, those in excess of 5,000 pounds – such as road plows and salt trucks.

Campus community members should also be wary that these vehicles frequently stop, travel in reverse and change lanes while drivers work to keep campus roadways and parking lots clear for vehicular travel.

The Oakland University Police Department is committed to maintaining a safe commuting environment. The understanding and cooperation of the campus community is appreciated in these efforts.


Students advised to be wary of job offer scam

Oakland University students are advised to be wary of a prevalent employment scam that offers phony job opportunities on college employment websites or by way of direct email solicitations.

In short, the scam promotes administrative or other positions that require students to purchase necessary equipment, materials or software using a check they receive from the purported employer. The checks being sent, however, are fraudulent.

Victims of the scam can suffer financial loss, may have their bank account closed, could see their credit record negatively impacted and may be left more vulnerable to identity theft.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has issued a FBI PSA – 17-1-18  with greater detail on communications used in this scam, key indications that a job offer is fraudulent, and measures students can take to prevent themselves from being victimized.

Any student who has become a victim of such a scam is encouraged to file a complaint with the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center at or notify the Oakland University Police Department.


P-16 to be closed for 2017 WinterFest

The P-16 parking lot – located between O’Dowd Hall and Fitzgerald, Anibal and Pryale Houses – will be closed in preparation for and during the Department of Athletics’ 2017 WinterFest.The lots will be closed at 11 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 26, and will remain closed through the evening of Friday, Jan. 27. The lots will reopen for normal use at noon on Saturday.

The lots will be closed at 11 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 26, and will remain closed through the evening of Friday, Jan. 27. The lots will reopen for normal use at noon on Saturday.

Campus community members accustomed to using the P-16 parking lot should plan ahead to use alternative lots.

Your patience and cooperation is appreciated during major events that advance and promote Oakland University.

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