Oakland Center

Upon receiving a lock down directive through one or more of the methods comprising the OU Alert Notification System, the following procedures will be implemented:


All exterior doors and all interior doors of rooms and facilities shall be locked.

During any lock down process, occupants should be advised to:

  • remain calm and quiet
  • stay away from windows and doors
  • not enter building corridors
  • close window treatments
  • turn off lights, computer monitors, televisions and radios
  • turn cell phones to vibrate and refrain from using telephones except for emergency notification to the OUPD at (248) 370-3331
  • assist persons with disabilities who may be in need

Remain in the room/building, even if a fire alarm has been activated, unless:

  • an “all clear” message has been disseminated through the University’s Emergency Notification System
  • occupants are in imminent danger
  • occupants have first hand knowledge of a fire that is an imminent threat
  • advised to leave by a uniformed emergency first responder (police, fire, etc.)

However, no one should attempt to physically restrain any person who demands to be allowed to leave a locked down room or facility.


Oakland Center Administration will ensure that custodial staff is notified by two-way radio to initiate lockdown procedures, including:

  • Lock all entrance doors
  • Close overhead loading dock doors
  • Secure trash compactor door

Oakland Center Administration will ensure that the Identification Card Operations Office is notified to initiate lock down procedures, including:

  • Turn off entrance door electronic card access
  • Oakland Center Administration will ensure that Chartwell’s Management is notified to initiate lock down procedures, including:

    • Close food court retail operation
    • Turn off kitchen cooking equipment

    Oakland Center Administration will ensure management of the following locations are notified to initiate lockdown procedures and cease operations:

    • Credit Union
    • Bookstore
    • Grizz Express
    • Bumpers Game Room
    • Café O’ Bears

    Oakland Center Administration will place staff members near exit areas (but out of sight from the exterior of the building) of the 1st floor to ask patrons to remain in the Oakland Center.

    Oakland Center Administration will ensure that patrons of all event activities are notified of the lockdown directive. All event activities will cease.

    Depending on the circumstances of each incident, Oakland Center Administration will determine the most appropriate location in the center to shelter occupants.