Lowry Early Childhood Education Center

Upon receiving communication that a general lock down of the campus or a specific lock down of Pawley Hall has been ordered through the OU Alert Notification System, staff of the Lowry Early Childhood Education Center shall ensure:

  • All children and staff outside at the time are directed to move inside the building
  • The Center’s main entry doors are locked
  • Every exterior door of each classroom is locked
  • The shades of all exterior windows of all classrooms are pulled down
  • All lights and computer monitors are turned off
  • All devices that emit sound (televisions, radios, etc.) are turned off
  • All cell phones are turned to “vibrate”.  Occupants should refrain from using telephones except for emergency notification to the OUPD at (248) 370-3331
  • All children and staff vacate all classrooms and proceed to the three hallway sections immediately west of the rear of the classrooms )similar to the Center’s tornado shelter procedures)

While in lock down mode, children and staff will be advised to:

  • Remain calm and quiet to the degree possible
  • Stay away from windows and doors

Remain in the room/building, even if a fire alarm has been activated, unless:

  • an “all clear” message has been disseminated through the University’s Emergency Notification System
  • occupants are in imminent danger
  • occupants have first hand knowledge of a fire that is an imminent threat
  • advised to leave by a uniformed emergency first responder (police, fire, etc.)

No one should attempt to physically restrain any person who demands to be allowed to leave a locked down room or facility.

Upon receiving official communication that the lock down has been lifted, staff may re-open the facility.