Campus Recreation

Upon receiving a lock down directive through one or more of the methods comprising the OU Alert Notification System, the following procedures will be implemented:


All exterior doors of the facility and all interior doors of rooms and offices shall be locked.

During any lock down process, occupants should be advised to:

  • remain calm and quiet
  • stay away from windows and doors
  • not enter building corridors
  • close window treatments
  • turn off lights, computer monitors, televisions and radios
  • turn cell phones to vibrate and refrain from using telephones except for emergency notification to the OUPD at (248) 370-3331
  • assist persons with disabilities who may be in need

Remain in the room/building, even if a fire alarm has been activated, unless:

  • an “all clear” message has been disseminated through the University’s Emergency Notification System
  • occupants are in imminent danger
  • occupants have first hand knowledge of a fire that is an imminent threat
  • advised to leave by a uniformed emergency first responder (police, fire, etc.)

However, no one should attempt to physically restrain any person who demands to be allowed to leave a locked down room or facility.


Recreation Center Building

  • Stop all activities in the building.
  • Vacate the Fitness Center, Recreation Gym and Main Office area. Patrons will be advised to move into the lower level hallway(s).
  • Vacate the Aquatic Center and advise patrons to move into the locker rooms.
  • Place staff members near exit areas (but out of sight from the exterior of the building) of the 1st floor to ask patrons to remain in the Recreation Center.

Recreation and Athletic Outdoor Complex

  • When activity is taking place on the Recreation and Athletic Outdoor Complex (RAO), activity will be stopped and patrons will be advised to leave the area and seek shelter (vehicles, residence halls etc.)

Building Manager

  • Begin the lock down procedure for the facility by using the radio to make the following announcement:  “Attention Staff – A Lockdown Order has been issued by OUPD, please begin Building Lockdown Procedures.”
  • Prop Studio 919 door open to facilitate evacuation to this area (door should be locked so it can be secured by Welcome Center Staff)
  • Proceed to the Welcome Center
  • Take DCR Cell, turn to vibrate, and take up station in the Graduate Assistant Office
  • Verify building evacuation of activity areas by checking off area all clear’s called in by staff (see check-off form in Appendix C).

Welcome Center Attendant

  • Notify Manager of Lock Down order via radio
  • Lock Front Doors by obtaining the hex key from Fire Extinguisher Box in Hallway
  • Take radio
  • Evacuate the Main Office Suite to the GA Office; toggle door lock to locked position
  • Call “Office Suite Clear” over radio
  • Evacuate the Track to Studio 919
  • Call “Track Clear” over the radio
  • Evacuate Social Lounge to Studio 919
  • Take up station in Studio 919, close doors and close blinds (if not already done)
  • Wait for instructions from Building Manager

Fitness Center Attendant

  • Lock Patio Door
  • Take Radio
  • Evacuate the fitness center participants to Locker Rooms
  • Call “Fitness Center Clear” over radio
  • Verify Studio 897 was evacuated by Fitness instructor
  • Call “Studio Clear” over radio
  • Evacuate 3 Court Gym to Activity Center/Racquetball courts
  • Call “3 Court Gym Clear” over the radio
  • Take up station in Studio 897 door well across from Activity Center to encourage people not to leave
  • Wait for instructions from Building Manager

Service Desk Attendant

  • Assist with Rec Gym evacuation
  • Take up station in Studio 897 door well across from the Service Desk to encourage people not to leave
  • Wait for instructions from Building Manager


  • Take radio
  • Lock patio door
  • Clear pool
  • Gather patrons in Aquatic Classroom, Storage Rooms and/or Locker Rooms
  • Remain with the majority of the participants until further instructions from the Building Manager

Intramural/Field Supervisor

  • Take radio
  • Evacuate the field participants
  • Call “Activity on Recreation and Athletic Outdoor Complex (RAO)” over the radio
  • Wait for instructions from Building Manager

Note: Wellness Classroom Participants should stay in classroom.