Business Incubator

Upon receiving a lock down directive through one or more of the methods comprising the OU Alert Notification System, the following procedures will be implemented:


All exterior doors of the incubator facility and the Shotwell Gustafson Pavilion shall be locked and secured.

During any lock down process, occupants should be advised to:

  • remain calm and quiet
  • stay away from windows and doors
  • not enter building corridors
  • close window treatments
  • turn off lights, computer monitors, televisions and radios
  • turn cell phones to vibrate and refrain from using telephones except for emergency notification to the OUPD at (248) 370-3331
  • assist persons with disabilities who may be in need

Remain in the room/building, even if a fire alarm has been activated, unless:

  • an “all clear” message has been disseminated through the University’s Emergency Notification System
  • occupants are in imminent danger
  • occupants have first hand knowledge of a fire that is an imminent threat
  • advised to leave by a uniformed emergency first responder (police, fire, etc.)

No one should attempt to physically restrain any person who demands to be allowed to leave a locked down room or facility.

Student workers within the building should take cover following the same procedures identified above.


All staff will be notified by the Executive Director or the Operations Manager using cell phones, text messaging, email, voicemail or in person. Additionally, all tenant client companies are to designate a captain that will be notified by the same.

Directives will be given to verify that all exterior and interior facility doors are secured. More specifically, the main entrance on the north of the facility, the east courtyard door, the west locker room door, the access to the pavilion in the restroom area as well as room 119, and the exterior door to room 125.

All tenant client employees and OU INCubator staff are to immediately proceed to staff office, Room 108 (this is the room directly across from the IRC room) and gather in the former showering area.

Upon resolution of the emergency lock down situation, an “all clear” code will be communicated to all tenants and staff.