Academic/Classroom Buildings

Upon receiving a lock down directive through one or more of the methods comprising the OU Alert Notification System, the following procedures for all academic/classroom buildings will be implemented:


Faculty should lock all classroom doors and faculty and students should remain in their classrooms.

Note:  All faculty are issued a classroom key which locks/unlocks all classrooms.  If faculty do not have this key, they should contact their Dean’s office.

Generally, the exterior doors to all academic buildings (with the exception of the Lowry Early Childhood Education Center and Kresge Library) will remain un-locked.  This is to provide an opportunity to seek shelter and safety for students, faculty, and staff who may find themselves outdoors when an emergency is declared.

However, depending on the specific nature of the event or emergency, it is possible that a complete lock down of all buildings, including exterior doors of academic buildings, may be ordered.  In such an event, Facilities Management is responsible for ensuring custodial staff accomplish the directive.

The exterior doors to the Lowry Early Childhood Education Center and Kresge Library shall remain locked.

Norml classroom activities should cease.

People in hallways should seek shelter in the nearest room.

During any lock down process, occupants should be advised to:

  • remain calm and quiet
  • stay away from windows and doors
  • not enter building corridors
  • close window treatments
  • turn off lights, computer monitors, televisions and radios
  • turn cell phones to vibrate and refrain from using telephones except for emergency notification to the OUPD at (248) 370-3331
  • assist persons with disabilities who may be in need

Remain in the room/building, even if a fire alarm has been activated, unless:

  • an “all clear” message has been disseminated through the University’s Emergency Notification System
  • occupants are in imminent danger
  • occupants have first hand knowledge of a fire that is an imminent threat
  • advised to leave by a uniformed emergency first responder (police, fire, etc.)

However, no one should attempt to physically restrain any person who demands to be allowed to leave a locked down room or facility.