Students advised to be wary of outstanding fees phone scam

The FBI office in Traverse City has informed the Oakland University Police Department that its main telephone number, (231) 946-7201, is being spoofed – or being used to falsely appear as the caller’s number – as part of a telephone scam targeting Oakland University students, and particularly international students.

Callers involved claim that they have access to student records and are telling targeted students that they must pay outstanding tuition fees in order to receive their degrees. The callers also stipulate that victims must wire transfer money or use a credit card to resolve the outstanding balances.

The FBI reports that Michigan State University students also have been targeted, and that in one instance a victim forwarded $10,000.

Any Oakland University student contacted by the phone number listed above should terminate the call before engaging in any conversation.

Students concerned about whether they have past due balances or that they are in jeopardy of being denied University services should contact the Office of Student Financial Services at (248) 370-2550.

Any student who feels he or she has been made a victim of this scam should contact the Oakland University Police Department at (248) 370-3331.

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