OU ADVISORY: Partial campus power outage due to construction mishap

Early Friday afternoon, a power outage affecting East Campus, the Facilities Management Building and the P-32 parking structure was caused by an electrical junction box inadvertently being struck by construction equipment near the Facilities Management parking lot, P-31.

Facilities Management staff were forced to shut off the circuit powering the junction box to assess damage, and subsequently found that immediately needed repairs would take approximately two hours to complete. As such, power is not likely to be restored until the late afternoon.

All University employees affected by the outage are encouraged to work with supervisors to find alternate locations to work. Anyone in affected areas who needs police services is advised to use a cell phone to call the Oakland University Police Department at (248) 370-3331.

Additional repairs being planned for tomorrow, Saturday, July 1, will require another power shutdown. Any sensitive electronic equipment in the affected areas that will be re-powered prior to tomorrow’s service interruption should be shut down this evening as a precautionary measure.

The University appreciates the patience and cooperation of the campus community as it works to manage this unanticipated service interruption.

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