Caution advised when driving near road maintenance vehicles

Snow on campusThe Oakland University Police Department is advising campus community members to exercise extra caution and to adhere to all applicable traffic laws when driving near road maintenance vehicles.

Both University Facilities Maintenance personnel and nearby commuters are placed in hazardous conditions when drivers:

  • Fail to yield right of way – MCL 257.649
  • Fail to maintain safe following distances (tailgating) – MCL 257.643
  • Attempt to pass in no-passing zones (drivers should note that there are no legal passing zones on main campus) – MCL 257.640
  • Travel at speeds too fast for road conditions (basic speed law) – MCL 257.627, and
  • Execute other unsafe or prohibited vehicle maneuvers (careless driving) – MCL 257.626b

According to the Michigan Motor Vehicle Code, motorists must maintain a distance of 500 feet from large vehicles – specifically, those in excess of 5,000 pounds – such as road plows and salt trucks.

Campus community members should also be wary that these vehicles frequently stop, travel in reverse and change lanes while drivers work to keep campus roadways and parking lots clear for vehicular travel.

The Oakland University Police Department is committed to maintaining a safe commuting environment. The understanding and cooperation of the campus community is appreciated in these efforts.

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