Campus safety planning advisory and call for volunteers

The Oakland University Police Department and University Video Services will be working next week to create an educational video addressing the topic of an active shooter on campus. Campus community volunteers are invited to support the filming effort.

Faculty, staff, students and others are advised that taping will take place on dates and in the campus locations listed below. Work will take place throughout business hours on each day.

  • Monday, August 21 – Human Health Building
  • Wednesday, August 23 – Engineering Center
  • Thursday, August 24 – Pawley Hall

Video creators will strive to create visual representations of circumstances associated with an active shooter as realistically as possible. Campus community members are advised to remember that no threatening or emergency situation is in progress.

In the event of a real crisis or emergency situation, the OUPD and University Communications and Marketing would utilize a multifaceted system of campus communications to quickly inform and advise the community.

To support filming activities, police training signs will be posted around selected locations and police personnel will work to prevent people from inadvertently or unknowingly finding themselves in staged situations. All campus community members are encouraged to share this information with individuals who plan to be on campus and who may not have received this notification.

In preparation for next week’s activities, the OUPD and University Video Services are seeking volunteers to serve as extras in filming locations as their schedules allow. Those interested in helping support the effectiveness of this educational effort should contact University Video Services Director Heather Haughey at

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